diabetic vision loss and its treatments

Improve your practice by gaining expertise in diabetic vision loss and comparative-effectiveness research for current available treatments.

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About this course

The Angiogenesis Foundation has created a scalable educational program for healthcare professionals in the diabetes/vision loss care pathway focused on the modern treatment of diabetic macular edema (DME), delivered through an expert-driven massive open online course. Learn through thoughtful leaders in the field and assess your learning during the course to become a certified expert in diabetic vision loss and its treatment.

Curriculum content features state of the art insights on diabetes and vision loss, the etiology of DR and DME, screening, diagnosis, treatments, and up-to-date clinical study analyses. Clinical content focuses on accurate and critical analysis of key clinical trials and clinical practice data, including basic principles of technology assessment and key take-home lessons that can be applied to clinical practice to promote evidence-based care.

video-driven curriculum includes perspectives from patients, endicrinologists, diabetes educators, and retinal specialists. Core curriculum content includes in-depth illustrations, references and further reading, and real-time evaluations.

What you'll discover

  • State-of-the-art Insights on diabetes and vision loss
  • Perspectives from all diabetes vision loss stakeholders
  • Methods for DME screening, diagnosis, and treatments
  • Clinical study analyses and comparative effectiveness research
  • Real-world practice implications
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