10.14 Summary: Putting It All Together

Test Module 10

1. In the BOLT trial, Bevacizumab dosed every __ week(s) produced better visual and anatomic outcomes in patients with CSME than using macular laser.

2. In the FAME trial, what was one of the discovered complications that would result in these implants?

3. In the DRCR Protocol I trial, elevations in IOP are noted in both the triamcinolone group and in the ranibizumab group

4. In the Champlain trial, the dexamethasone intravitreal implant was shown to

5. In the RISE-RIDE trial, patients with the greatest visual benefit

6. In the MEAD trial, use of the dexamethasone implant

7. The RESTORE trial was the first to show

8. In the VIVID-VISTA trial, there was both anatomic and visual improvement in both treatment-naïve patients and in patients who had received prior anti-VEGF therapy.

9. In the DRCR Protocol T trial, aflibercept is a superior drug to treat macular edema when vision is

10. In the DRCR Protocol T trial, there was little difference found between the drugs when vision is baseline VA 20/40 or better.