8.3 Proposed Phenotypes of DR/DME


The duration of diabetes and the level of metabolic control are known to affect the progression of DR. However, these factors do not account for the wide variability in the evolution and progression of DR that is experienced by different diabetic individuals. Based on a study by Nunes et al, the eyes were classified according to predetermined threshold values in three categories: Phenotype A, Phenotype B, and Phenotype C. We can use this classification paradigm to estimate the risk for the development of CSME.

Quiz Module 8.3

1. Which phenotypic pattern of DR is typified by eyes with variable and reversible leakage, microaneurysm turnover >6, an abnormal foveal avascular (ischemic) zone, and more rapid progression to vision-threatening complications (than the other two phenotypes)?

2. Which phenotypic pattern of DR includes eyes with a small amount of abnormal fluorescein leakage, a slow rate of microaneurysm formation, and a normal foveal avascular zone?