6.2 Hyperglycemia


Hyperglycemia, or elevated blood glucose, is the initiating factor in the cascade of events that leads to vision loss in diabetes. Clinical studies have confirmed a strong relationship between chronic hyperglycemia and the development and progression of diabetic retinopathy. Control of hyperglycemia is crucial in the management of diabetic eye disease, as a 1% decrease in HbA1c has been calculated to equate roughly to decrease in the risk of retinopathy by 40%, risk of progression to vision-threatening retinopathy by 25%, need for laser therapy by 25%, and risk of blindness by 15%.

Quiz Module 6.2

1. Hyperglycemia initiates a cascade of pathologic processes leading to diabetic retinopathy, including all but which one of the following:

2. Hyperglycemia also increases production of