9.9 Vitrectomy


A recent review of 11 randomized clinical trials suggested a structural, and potentially functional superiority of vitrectomy over observation at 6 months. Vitrectomy was superior to laser in terms of structural outcomes at 6 months, but this advantage was lost at 12 months. Overall, there was little evidence to support the use of vitrectomy in DME in the absence of epiretinal membrane (a proliferative fibrocellular tissue found on the inner surface of the retina) or vitreomacular traction.

Quiz Module 9.9

1. Vitrectomy is a technique that shows benefits over other treatments for all type of patients with DME.

2. Which of the following is not a potential mechanism of action for vitrectomy?

3. Vitrectomy can be a useful treatment for patients with epiretinal membranes or vitreomacular traction.

4. The role of vitrectomy in the management of refractory DME is well defined.